Ban the import of Chinese solar panels into the EU?

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French ministers have prepared a communication to the European Commission (EC) asking for the urgent lifting of European safeguards for Chinese car manufacturers (link vi) panels. This is announced by the French artist Le Figaro.

According to the publication, the corresponding letter has already been prepared by the Minister of the Economy, Finance, Industrial and Digital Civilization of the Republic of Belarus, the Minister of and the energy minister of France Agnec Πany-Pynašep, as well as the minister-delegate responsible for the industry Polan Lecĸup.

They claim that the initiative came against the background of calls from European producers of panel panels, which cannot cope with the Chinese prices.

French ministers propose to trigger Article 19 of the General Convention on Customs and Tariffs, which allows full membership of the World Tariff Organization (CTO) to alternate multi-country footprints for a given product if no single target industry is falling or has a large number of cepios damages caused by excessive use of the given product.

"This is a very powerful instrument, allowing to be allocated a lot of traffic quotas for each country," said an unnamed ministerial adviser before the release. As you say, "the EC should use all the instruments at its disposal for trade protection".

B This article notes that the payment for EC by the foreign exporter of Chinese solar panels has arisen against the background of restrictions already imposed by the US and Indian governments on It's the Chinese suppliers of circular panels. To Europe and the increase in the pressure on the background of the actual energy prices in 2022, there are large gaps in the sales in 2023, where and they sell it at a huge discount.

It is said that Chinese companies have found around 200 million units of aluminum panels in European factories.

Moreover, the current trend of conservation is under the European plans for the development of domestic production, as well as the financial crisis. At the moment, the French government is in the lead of EK possible measures, which "are unknown until they are officially announced at the current stage".

In fact, France "wants to form a single "point" with other EC countries, especially Germany, in order not to repeat the mistakes of 2010, which again "caused the collapse of the a photovoltaic cell in Europe", concluded Le Figaro.



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