The 20 best electric cars according to Top Gear

Jeremy Clarkson shouting “Powerrr!” has long been gone from Top Gear The Air Force's automotive publication is also changing in tandem with cars, and even produces its own ranking of the best electric cars on the planet. There have been many changes in its current edition : the leader from two years ago, the Porsche Taycan, is now third; Tesla falls all the way to fifth position; Ford, Jaguar and Peugeot are completely gone; and finally, there is a new leader in the lineup, which according to the English is "a new and brilliant page in the history of the electric car."

20. Fiat 500e and Abarth 500e

Our classic image of Lotus - maximally light, perfectly handling sports cars - has nothing to do with this rather heavy SUV, which, on top of that, is not made near Norwich, but in China. But still, something of the spirit of Colin Chapman remains even in this car - enough to make it one of the best electric cars of today.
18. Hyundai Kona Electric
The boldness of Koreans with design can no longer be denied by anyone. At the same time, they remain conservative in some important areas – such as keeping a sufficient number of buttons in the interior. The new generation Kona Electric is more expensive, but it's also a lot bigger, a lot more comfortable, and a lot more interesting than its predecessor.
17. Renault Scenic E-Tech
The Megane E-Tech – the first model in Renault's new electric wave – has been criticized by some for its relatively small battery and lack of rear seat space (although its wheelbase is the same as the outgoing Nissan X-Trail). But even these extremely suspicious people could hardly object to the Scenic, which is a full 10cm more interior space in length, and with an 87kWh battery.
16. Hyundai Ioniq 6
Hyundai has really risen to a whole new level in the last three to four years. The Ioniq 6 is excellent proof: an interesting, very comfortable, relaxing car for long journeys. Easy to ride, easy to operate. The mileage is enviably high both because of the innovative 800-volt architecture and because of the excellent aerodynamics.
15. Maserati GranTurismo Folgore
Top Gear was full of praise for this car, which they say is "better designed and developed than any other Maserati in the foreseeable past". Crossovers Grecale and Levante will certainly be more sold, but this is the real flagship of the brand.
14. Kia EV9
Kia's new biggest and most expensive electric car deserves its place at the top of the range – you get an amazing amount of space and equipment for your money. In addition, the EV9 is specifically and carefully thought out to make life easier for families. 10 years ago such a price would have seemed comical for any Korean car. She seems quite justified now.
13. Volvo EX30
The main praise of the English for Volvo's new electric car is its environmental friendliness: during the production of one EX30, only 18 tons of greenhouse emissions are released into the atmosphere, which is slightly more than the indicator for gasoline cars, but already quite close to it. With an energy like the British one, this car emits just 400 kg of carbon dioxide for 15,000 km - while a petrol car would give emissions of 1.8 tonnes. No one has yet made a calculation based on the parameters of the Bulgarian NEK.
12. BMW i4
Top Gear editors admit they like the Tesla Model 3 and Polestar 2, but both models leave a lot to be desired when it comes to handling and driving pleasure. The BMW i4 fills that gap. It may not look like a spaceship, but most people don't want that either. The secret to the success of this electric car is that it is a real BMW.
11. Volkswagen ID.7
In many ways, VW engineers have fulfilled the task set by their superiors: the ID.7 impresses with space, comfort, range and efficiency. Even in the Pro version with a smaller battery capacity. The biggest draw, however, is how much easier it is to use than previous ID models. "A Volkswagen should be friendly and carefree to use. This one really is," the English claim.
10. Jeep Avenger
Who would have thought it? Jeep—the company built on things like off-roading, brute force, and a complete disregard for comfort—now offers an excellent city car. Avenger is small, maneuverable, easy to drive. Suspension is soft enough, range is decent, charging is fast enough.
9. Polestar 2
Top Gear explain their love of the Polestar 2 mainly on two counts: it's beautiful, and the build quality would send any Audi fan into a manic-obsessive frenzy. Versions with one electric motor are also relatively affordable.
8. BMW i7
BMW's main trump cards for half a century have been dynamics, handling and fantastic engines. But now the focus is gradually shifting elsewhere. The new 7 Series has perhaps the best interior in the automotive world, according to TG – imaginatively designed, well-made and beautiful.
7. Dacia Spring
The Spring is liked precisely because it manages to be what most modern electric cars are not: an honest, fun, unpretentious car that keeps the dream of a cheap vehicle alive in the electric age. It's also one of the few electric cars weighing about as much as its internal combustion equivalent.
6. BMW i5
The new i5 is an exceptional car, say Top Gear. It's the perfect intersection between the dynamism of the 3 Series and the luxury of the 7 Series. It's without a doubt the best-handling car in its class – against its backdrop, the Tesla Model S feels like a supermarket trolley.
5. Tesla Model Y and Model 3
According to TG, these two almost identical models are "the future we were promised - a smart car with a sense of humor and an attitude to defy the old norms". The platform under this car is now seven years old, but nothing else in this market segment can still match it in terms of sales. It has its flaws, of course, but it remains one of the most interesting cars of today's era.
4. MG4
This Chinese machine, bearing a bargain-basement English name, certainly doesn't have the looks of an exciting car. But when you realize what it offers you for your money, how good it is in many different parameters, you will understand why it is considered one of the best electric cars in Europe at the moment. It has range, fast charging, rich equipment, pleasant dynamics and even its own style.
3. Porsche Taycan
The Porsche Taycan and its Audi e-tron GT counterpart are extremely exciting sports cars and at the same time – comfortable highway cruisers. "The Taycan is a real, one hundred percent Porsche, which, by the way, is powered by electricity," the English write.
2. Rolls-Royce Spectre
For years, Rolls-Royce has explained that if there is a brand for which electric propulsion is ideal, it is them: anyway, their cars have always been record heavy and as quiet as possible. Spectre, while fabulously expensive and flashy, manages not to be vulgar.
1. Hyundai Ioniq 5N
Here at last is an electric car that is just as exciting and engaging to drive as a good petrol sports car. In fact, the Ioniq 5 N is in many ways indistinguishable from machines with gasoline engines. Not only is it fast, but it is also confident, flexible, multi-functional. In short – a new and brilliant chapter in the history of electric mobility.

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